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Products and solutions for the housing association

We offer customized charging solutions for the small or large charging needs of housing companies, everything from demanding load management solutions, connecting solar power systems to car charging. The core of our entire operation is high-quality equipment and customized solutions, and our own software development guarantees a perfectly functioning configuration, get to know the Woltti system here.

We specialize in housing association systems and especially load management solutions. From us you get easy and affordable user-specific tracking and invoicing (Woltti software).

We offer housing associations an easy way to implement electric car charging solutions, and the Woltti system we developed is perfectly OCPP compatible, meaning that your housing association is not tied to just one device manufacturer or cloud service provider. The versatile Woltti system also enables solar charging solutions, the most versatile load management on the market (including the Woltti Meter service, which can measure electricity consumption or production at several points), SPOT pricing for electricity consumption, and the market's easiest invoicing system, which also allows you to easily manage several housing associations.

Our dynamic load management is versatile and enables multi-level load management. You can connect meters to the system and get full use of the capacity, and at the same time you can monitor the building society's electricity consumption, even from a screen installed in the lobby.
Easy-to-use invoicing is possible on the basis of the Spot price, on the basis of the average monthly cost or, for example, on the basis of the decision of the general meeting afterwards. The invoicing program is designed so that it is possible to manage several items easily.

As in our own product development, due to our demanding quality criteria, we choose only the best operators, contractors and equipment manufacturers in their field as partners. The charging devices we supply are the absolute top of their field.

Ask for a quote for charging stations and installation, we'll be happy to come and take a look at the site free of charge. We also carry out surveys of charging station projects, in almost all sites a preliminary investigation is necessary to support decision-making and help in possible bidding.

You can leave your contact information on the contact form or contact our sales and we can do a short preliminary survey over the phone. In the information, mention the address, planned number of charging stations, power and other possible additional information as precisely as possible, and if the mapping has been done, its report.

Get to know the manufacturers

We choose the market's leading device manufacturers as partners,
which we know meet our own quality requirements.


  • Alfen is one of the largest suppliers of public chargers in Finland and Europe. The charging devices are designed to offer intelligent functions that are suitable for both business use and home charging.
  • Even complex systems can be implemented with chargers, including local load distribution and cloud services.
  • Is compatible via the Woltti cloud service. With the help of the service, the systems of building societies and companies can be managed easily, e.g. in terms of invoicing and load management. The service also includes the Woltti App, which allows you to manage your download.
  • Alfen is focused on OCPP devices and will be among the first to introduce new services. Coming in early 2023, e.g. the first V2G AC charger, Plug-and-Charge and battery status for AC charging. The chargers are already OCPP 2.01 compatible.


  • Garo is one of the largest suppliers of charging equipment in Finland.
  • The charging device is especially suitable for places where load distribution based on measurement is required.
  • The device can be connected immediately or later to the local load distribution of a meter sold separately, an RFID module or a network connection.


  • A multi-purpose charging device that is suitable for various charging power needs (detached houses, housing associations, companies and parking garages).
  • With Wolttinen Wallboxes, you can charge all electric cars correctly and efficiently
  • Excellent compatibility with Woltti online service & App.
  • High-quality and reasonably priced OCPP-compatible charger


  • Keba is one of the world's largest and highest quality charger manufacturers with a wide range of products for housing associations, companies and public charging.
  • Kebal chargers are compatible with e.g. many solar inverters (e.g. Fronius). Chargers are widely used in systems that include produced solar electricity.
  • Even complex systems can be implemented with Keba chargers, including local load distribution and cloud services. It is possible to get a built-in meter for Keba chargers and the charges made on the charger can be seen on the screen of the charger housing.
Wallbox Commander 2 - Wolttinen


  • The popular Wallbox designs and manufactures sophisticated
    electric car charging devices for households, housing associations and also for public charging.
  • Wallbox's charging solutions for building societies and companies offer versatility in terms of use, manageability and identification. Public charging stations, on the other hand, offer super-fast charging in shopping center parking garages, for example.
ABB Terra AC 22kW Latausasema - Wolttinen


  • ABB manufactures smart and reliable electric cars
    charging stations for home, housing associations, companies and public charging.
  • The ABB product family includes compact and
    high-quality AC charging stations for home, housing associations or companies and
    reliable DC fast charging stations that offer very fast charging at popular destinations.
  • All ABB charging stations are manufactured according to high safety standards to protect both the user and the user
    also a vehicle.


  • Charge your electric car quickly, safely and reliably at Defa's charging stations. Defa's versatile devices are full of features that enable both load management and charging according to electricity prices.
  • Defa charging stations are manufactured according to high safety standards to protect both the user and the vehicle. The charging devices are designed to meet the strictest international electrical, quality and safety standards.

Woltti online service

  • An easy and comprehensive online service for managing car charging, with a separate view for the property manager and the housing association.
  • The Woltti web service is an open OCPP-based implementation.
  • The service includes the Woltti App and a separate invoicing and management view for the property manager, which allows you to easily invoice several housing associations, monitor electricity consumption, add RFID cards and users, and monitor electricity consumption.

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