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Load management

Our own philosophy regarding charging systems starts from the fact that it is always worth thinking about a solution far into the future. That's why we prefer full-power charging stations in implementations, except for exceptional cases. It is true that e.g. hybrid cars can manage even with lower power. However, the number of electric cars is increasing rapidly, and most of the days the need for charging is handled with e.g. 1.8 kW power. However, when faster charging is needed, the need is often critical because fast chargers are not always available. You can't speed up charging with a slow charger, but you can always slow it down and optimize it with a fast one.

Car charging consumes a lot of power, and therefore electrical systems are usually not dimensioned in such a way that, for example, the installation of several charging stations can be done without load management. Load distribution is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a charging system. From us you can get all the options, both for network-based and local load sharing. Contact us and we will be happy to tell you more about it. Load sharing solutions are always case-specific and the choice of equipment also depends on the target. We have dominated our equipment suppliers (Alfen, Keba, Garo and Smappee, Wolttinen) so that we can offer the best solution in every situation.

More than 50% of the systems of private houses and more than 80% of companies and housing cooperatives require some kind of load management. We offer the most comprehensive range of load management options on the market, either as a SaaS solution, as a local measurement-based system, or as a simple device-specific service with no monthly fees.

Along with load management, it is possible to optimize the use of, for example, solar energy, when it is available.

Load management can be either static (one preset maximum capacity) or dynamic (adjusted according to the load, usually the consumption of the entire system is measured). The load can also be managed in stages, currently a large part of charging users are hybrid cars, and then with the correct installation of the stages and load distribution, the system can be used to the maximum.

Customized charging solutions for housing associations

Charging devices, services and load management

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