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What the heck is OCPP? What does load management mean? Or Spot price? How to choose the right charging station for a building company? In this section, we have collected frequently asked questions about car charging, tips for mapping charging needs and choosing devices.

For housing association and company - Instructions and frequently asked questions

In many housing associations, the purchase of charging points for electric cars is now topical, and the matter has perhaps already been discussed among the company's shareholders. The next step is to order some kind of housing company's charging survey.

The purpose of the mapping is to find out the charging needs, the electricity resources available to the housing association and the best way to implement the charging points.

During the survey, all the necessary information about the building society's needs, wishes and budget is collected, based on which we deliver a preliminary plan and offer for the implementation of the project.

Even if not all shareholders have the need to charge electric cars yet, it is worth noting that the number of electric cars is growing at a rapid pace all the time.

Ready charging points or charging readiness in the housing association can also directly affect the value of the housing association and facilitate the sale of the apartment in the future.

Order a free survey by contacting us!

The purpose of the survey is to find out the wishes and needs of the housing association and to review the electrical technical conditions of the property in order to carry out the project based on the needs and budget of the partners.

During the survey, together with the company's representatives, we review the needs on site and ensure the possible limitations of the company's electrical system for the implementation of the project.

If necessary, we also carry out electrical measurements, examine the existing cabling, go through the possible locations of charging stations and if there are earthworks at the site,
we will look at the excavation points of the cabling together.

After the survey, we will send you an offer for the implementation of the project by e-mail. We always try to offer the best possible options for the destinations based on the company's wishes, and often the offer also includes different options for implementation.

Common issues to be discussed are dynamic load management, invoicing, user management and the general implementation possibilities of the project.

Wolttinen maps both small and large housing associations and companies' charging needs free of charge throughout Finland. Contact our sales and order a free survey.

One of the most essential things to clarify in the survey is to find out the suitability of the electrical system for the charging system.

Before contacting us, we recommend that you get as much information as possible about the property's electrical systems, electrical drawings and information about the company's possible electrical repairs over the years.

We also recommend conducting a power data survey for your own electricity company in advance, so that the property's consumption spikes can be clarified.

In some building societies, a decision and guidelines have been made for individual charging stations to be acquired as modifications by the partners. In general, in many locations it is perfectly safe to install a few charging stations within the existing capacity and cabling. However, it would be advisable for the housing company to create an overall picture of the property's possible limitations at the very beginning, so that the purchase of additional charging stations in the future would be easy and cost-effective.

In this way, equality of partners is also ensured in terms of charging points. An electric car should not be permanently charged according to the instructions from a standard socket or heating pole.

When it comes to charging solutions for electric cars, you should aim for a future-proof choice from the start.

In many locations, this means changes to the property's electrical systems, centers and power distribution, as well as a load management solution.

If you don't want charging stations for all parking spaces at the beginning, the housing company can implement charging facilities at the locations. In this way, acquiring additional stations in the future will be easy and cost-effective, and there is no need to worry about the property's capacity being sufficient, and the solution takes into account the equality of shareholders.

After implementing the download package, invoicing, pricing and user-specific management can be easily managed using the Woltti online service.

The building company always decides on electricity pricing, and complete Spot pricing and solar charging are also possible.

The online service can be used to manage several building societies. Invoicing can be done with each person's own credit card, charged like a water bill once a year, or left entirely to Wolttinen.

For the time being, ARA supports housing associations in the costs of purchasing charging points. Check the current support situation and read more about ARA here.

The law change that entered into force in 2021 also requires building societies carrying out larger renovations to prepare charging points for parking spaces. The law change applies to all housing associations with more than 4 parking spaces.

In general, we recommend the so-called basic charging for building societies and companies, i.e. 11/22 kW power per charging device. This is practically enough for everyone at home, including fully electric car owners.

Sometimes, for cost reasons, it is justified to offer slower charging, the so-called SmartSchuko system. In this case, the existing infrastructure of the housing association can be utilized and the needs of motorists who need heating can also be taken into account. Nowadays, there are also hybrid systems available, where you can use the advantages of both slow charging and basic charging!

If a lot is invested in the system, it is important that one day the investment does not have to be made again when the number of fully electric cars increases.

There are plenty of different charging stations available, and their price is often determined by the features and capabilities of the device. The choice should always be made in the long term.

During the survey, we also find out which Charging Devices are best suited for the target, also in the future.

We always offer the best option according to the needs, wishes and requirements of the building society or companies. A good customized solution meets the set requirements, but is also the cheapest option in the long run.

With the help of a customized charging solution, you can always choose the most suitable devices for the target and achieve the best charging power with the desired investment.

Check out the equipment selection here.

There are many questions related to the costs of charging solutions. If, for example, the parking spaces are owned by a housing association, as a rule, all partners contribute to the costs of the charging infrastructure. The costs of places owned by partners are usually the responsibility of the owners.

The decision on the costs of charging solutions and their distribution is always made at the general meeting. It is also worth considering the equality of shareholders. Many companies have different views and coordinating them requires expertise.

When implementing a charging solution, however, it is definitely worth thinking about the whole thing further into the future. Even if it is decided to install only one or two charging stations at the site, it is often advisable and economically profitable to add charging capacity to several locations at the same time. In this case, adding charging stations will be easy and cost-effective in the future.

The general experience is that when the first charging stations are installed in the company, the need for additional stations grows quickly.

Often also the construction of charging stations or at least readiness increases the value of the property and the apartments of the partners. An electric car user basically needs a charging device or an option at home.

A housing association, property, company or resident can purchase charging stations for themselves with a one-time fee, but we also offer rental equipment at a competitive price. Customized turnkey solutions enable rental model packages that can include installations, equipment, maintenance and support services. The contract period can be short without a long-term commitment, the same applies to online services.

If necessary, we offer easy turnkey solutions, which includes infrastructure planning, construction and the purchase and commissioning of charging equipment.

With Plug-and-Play devices, the installation and commissioning of the systems is very easy even when using an external installer - only electrical work is required! So, if you wish, you can also use e.g. another contract (geothermal, etc.) or a contractor and thus get a cost advantage.

The charging device itself is usually a smaller part of the investment and the construction of the infrastructure is usually the biggest part of the project's costs. A well-designed and built infrastructure has a service life of up to 50 years.

According to our experience, each property is different, and many questions arise from both the property manager and the shareholders.

Our expert always helps with all questions throughout the project and also after it.

If you have any questions regarding the download solutions, the Woltti online service or any other matter, we will also organize an on-site or remote presentation of our services and software demos as needed.

Contact us here.

Download vocabulary

The OCPP-based Woltti online service is software for intelligent charging, load management and invoicing.

With the help of the online service, the management of charging units is easy for the housing association, the property manager as well as the end user.

The Woltti online service offers the easiest invoicing on the market. The system can be used to implement even complex systems, including multi-level dynamic load management, smart solar charging, metered solutions, optimization and SPOT prices for electricity!

Optimizations related to solar charging and spot prices can bring very significant savings in purchased energy costs to a building society or company.

The Woltti online service can be fully adapted to various needs and can also be integrated into various other systems as needed.

The Woltti system is always tailored to the customer's needs and priced on a case-by-case basis, ask for a demo and more information about the advantages offered by the online service!

OCPP is an abbreviation of Open Charge Point Protocol, which is an open communication protocol used in almost all modern charging devices.

OCPP enables compatibility between different charging station manufacturers and software providers.

The housing association/company is not tied to only one equipment manufacturer or service provider. Please note that the OCPP connection should always be implemented directly between the charging station and the network service, not through, e.g., an API connection or the network service of the charging station manufacturer. If this is the case, however, you are practically tied to the equipment of the manufacturer of that charging station.

The Woltti system is fully OCPP compatible and enables extensive services, e.g. billing, dynamic load management, user management, etc.

In addition, it has the possibility of solar charging, the market's most versatile metered multi-level load management and the Woltti Meter service, which allows you to flexibly measure electricity consumption or production at several points.

SPOT pricing also works with all charging stations, which can be used to bill or optimize electricity consumption.

OCPP is developing strongly and new services will also be available in the future. In the Woltti service, there is an opportunity to use them quickly. New services are e.g. Plug-And-Charge and V2G.

Load management refers to a system that can flexibly limit the power of charging points within the capacity and ensure that the system's capacity is not exceeded under any circumstances.

Load management can be implemented with several options or a combination of them. The system can consist of energy meters, smart charging stations, online service or local load management. The best solution to be chosen at any given time is case-specific, and it is worth considering the situation of the object and thinking about the matter also from the point of view of the future.

The intelligence of charging devices has increased and new charging devices usually do not require separate load management devices. If the capacity is low in relation to the chargers, the system can be made more efficient with meters, so that all the power can be used dynamically.

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