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For smart charging, the Woltti online service (OCPP) and easy-to-install Plug-And-Play charging stations

Wolttinen offers electrical contractors and designers a cost-effective and easy solution for the implementation of charging systems.

The charging devices in our selection come from the market's leading device manufacturers, and our own software development ensures an easy way to implement functional electric car charging solutions on a turnkey basis - only electrical work is required.

Our system supports e.g. Spot pricing and metered load management also for HAN ports. App for the end user (Apple/ Android), which you can use to easily manage matters related to practical downloads. In the metering solution, it is possible to use direct measurement or with current transformers max. 600A.

The OCPP-based Woltti online service works seamlessly with OCPP charging stations, meaning that they are 100% Plug-and-Play ready, including 4G connection and ready-made network service configuration, so only electrical work is required to implement a complete charging system.

We act as the factory's partner and importer for Garo, Alfen, Wallbox and Kebalators. You get the complete solution with chargers and hubs ready assembled, as well as technical support to help sales and also for the implementation of installation projects.

We are familiar with different systems and have implemented different infrastructure solutions, e.g. with Canalis rails, Wago flat cable and the traditional charging center model. We also have our own slow charging solution with a mobile connection, Smart Schuko, which you can connect to the same system with e.g. Garo chargers. This brings flexibility and you can also take advantage of the already built chained infrastructure, if the cabling is sufficient for the charging needs in terms of load management.

We are happy to consult designers on technically demanding charging solutions, e.g. dynamic load management and invoicing. We have been working with downloads for a long time and we are able to help with similar issues as well.

Only electrical work is needed!

Easy Plug-and-play charging stations

Cost-effective solutions for contractors and designers, ask for a quote!

Garo Chargers

The smart Garo charging stations are durable, user-friendly and also made to meet the needs of the future. The Garo Entity Pro product family is perfectly suited for all charging needs for a housing association or company.

  • The new Garo Entity Pro charging station is OCPP compatible, chainable, 4G SIM card slot, Ethernet, WiFi mesh, RFID reader and internal kWh meter or visible MID approved kWh meter. Optional multi-level dynamic load management.
  • A stylish mounting base and a protective cover are available for charging readiness, so that stations can be easily added later without electrical work (Hotswap).
  • 100% Plug-and-play and 100% compatible with the Woltti online service! (e.g. Spot prices, solar electricity availability, optimization)

Alfen Charging devices

Alfen is one of the largest suppliers of public chargers in Finland and Europe. The charging devices are designed to offer intelligent functions that are suitable for housing associations, business use as well as home charging.

  • Even complex systems can be implemented with chargers, including local load distribution, metered dynamic load distribution and cloud services.
  • Operator-independent Alfe devices are fully OCPP compatible.
  • 100% Plug-and-play - Woltti online service, Spot prices, solar electricity availability, optimization, RFID, QR codes, App.

Wolttine XL Pro Wallbox

Wolttinen XL Pro is an OCPP-compatible electric car charger for up to 22kW smart charging.

  • The operator-independent Wolttinen XL Pro is fully OCPP compatible.
  • Secure and reliable connection, ethernet or SIM 4G.
  • 100% Plug-and-play - Woltti online service, load management, Spot prices, RFID, QR codes, App.

Wolttine Smart Schuko

Wolttine's Smart Schuko is the perfect system for slower charging needs

  • Slow charging 2 x 3.7kW and heating.
  • Secure and reliable connection, SIM 4G in every post.
  • 100% Plug-and-play - Woltti online service, easy billing, local controller, multi-level load management, Spot prices.
  • Retrofit installation possible e.g. in Garo cases!

The most versatile on the market

Woltti online service

OCPP-based cloud service, load management, solar charging, Spot prices, easy invoicing and versatile masking methods.

A cost-effective open OCPP-based car charging solution for housing associations, companies and public charging.

The system does not require a long-term commitment and the planning and installation of the whole is easy, local load management is also possible.

It is possible to connect a wide selection of OCPP-compatible charging stations to Wolttinen's own OCPP-based Woltti online service. Some of the stations are 100% Plug-and-Play including, for example, an internal SIM card (4G) and ready configuration of the network service, so only electrical work is needed!

The Woltti online service guarantees easy and affordable user-specific monitoring and invoicing. The simplest invoicing system on the market. The possibility to pay for downloads with a credit card or to leave the invoicing in full to us.

Enables contractors an easy way to sell and install charging systems.


  • Tailored for complete charging, which also meets the needs of the future.
  • Own software development and the possibility of customization, e.g. to different invoicing systems and different service packages for property managers and maintenance companies.
  • Device update using the online service.
  • Flexible invoicing and versatile payment options for electric car charging systems.
  • With the help of intelligent load management, electricity consumption can be controlled.
  • The service enables monthly pricing also for chargers. There is also the possibility of a monthly fee-free model.
  • Easy to plan and implement, 4G connection in Plug-And-Play implementation. Otherwise, so is Ethernet
  • The customer always decides on electricity pricing.

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Our goal is to offer easy plug-and-play solutions for electrical contractors and designers, in which case only electrical work is needed!

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