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Wallbox Charging devices

Wallbox is a world-renowned manufacturer of charging stations and systems that creates smart charging systems that combine top technology and excellent design. Wallbox manufactures charging stations both for home use and also for the implementation of larger entities up to public charging stations.

Wallbox's charging stations for public charging are perfect for all possible locations. Ideal charging solutions are suitable for hotels, in the parking lot of a convenience store or charging stations on highways.

The Wallbox Supernova intended for public charging represents the next generation of public chargers that offer 40-150 kW charging power, and in the future with the Hypernova charger up to 400 kW charging power.

Wallbox Supernova charging stations offer very fast charging for all electric cars. 150kW fast charging increases the range of the electric car by up to 100 km more in just 7 minutes!

Wallbox Supernova 60 and Supernova 150

Supernova is Wallbox's new generation DC fast charger. Its greater efficiency and better reliability maximize uptime.

Supernova 60 and Supernova 150 are perfect chargers for public charging points and semi-public parking lots in urban areas.

Wallbox Commander 2

The Wallbox Commander 2 Charging station is an excellent solution for companies, housing associations and semi-public parking areas, but it is also suitable for a private house when you want a Wallbox with a large screen that has all the necessary features.

  • Identification with PIN code, RFID, application, online service
  • Large 7" color screen
  • WiFi, ethernet, Bluetooth, 4G
  • Option: dynamic metered load management