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Garo Entity Pro Charging station 22kW

Download the technical brochure here

With its elegant design and efficient software, GARO Entity Pro is an ideal solution for building cooperative and companies. The efficient 22kW charging station supports both single-phase and three-phase charging and can be used to charge all fully electric and hybrid cars.

  • OCPP compliant
  • Can be installed using the daisy chain method, easier and cheaper installation
  • Optional metered multi-level load management + solar charging
  • 22kW (also available in double version)
  • 4G SIM card slot, Ethernet, WiFi mesh
  • RFID reader.
  • Type2 with plug or fixed cable (5m).
  • Internal kWh meter or visible MID approved kWh meter.
  • Durable and high quality.

Adapts to the needs of your housing cooperative

The Garo Entity PRO Charging Station is suitable for installation in the parking lots or parking garages of housing cooperative, companies and offices, as well as in private houses.

The GARO Entity Pro charging station is suitable for all housing cooperativeand can be scaled up if charging needs increase in the future. Adding and connecting charging stations to the system later is easy,and can be done as a Hotswap insatllations without an electrician and thus also really cost-effective.

The technology of the Garo Entity Pro charging station is designed to work perfectly now and in the future. Efficient and reliable software offers support for easy-to-use functions, such as smooth identification and billing. The charging station's open OCPP-compatible user interface offers the freedom to choose and change the service provider, so it can be connected to the most common cloud services, such as the Woltti online service. With the Woltti cloud service, you can manage the device and get reporting and statistics history. The cloud service can also be used to manage, for example, timing, load management or payment transactions.

The GARO Entity Pro has a removable socket, so you can choose on which side to install the socket, to make charging easier for users. This facilitates both charging and positioning the charging station during installation

The charging station can also be managed using the Garo Connect application. The application has many practical functions, e.g. monitoring of station events, charging of download events and user management. The GARO Connect application enables: Load management in up to four levels, assigning user rights with RFID or an application, centrally reading consumption data remotely, viewing charging data/power in online mode (for the driver) and updates to the latest application version.

Phase equalization and optional load management

Garo multi-level load management Entity Basic or Advance ensures that car charging does not overload the building company's total capacity. In addition to this, the charger automatically switches to single-phase charging if the power is not sufficient for three-phase charging. Safety and intelligence at their best. Multi-level load management can also be implemented using the Woltti online service .

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