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Woltti online service for companies

We have our own Woltti online service, which is built according to the industry standard (OCPP 1.6/ OCPP 2.0) protocol. The service enables a customized package for charging, so that it also meets the needs of the future.

Woltti is an open system to which devices supporting the OCPP protocol can be connected. Offers companies and building societies opportunities to control costs even after the system has been installed. The devices can also be updated using the online service. Identification using an application or RFID cards. The service also includes a very easy-to-use user interface for service management and invoicing.

The Woltti online service is always priced on a case-by-case basis. It is also possible to agree on invoicing and load management without a fixed monthly fee. With the service, you can easily maintain download rights and the price of download per user, and manage the load in a versatile and reliable way.

The Woltti online service guarantees easy and affordable user-specific tracking and invoicing, as well as versatile payment options for electric car charging systems. It is also possible to handle the invoicing in its entirety through us. However, the company is always responsible for the pricing itself.

In our solution, the system's connection to the internet is usually managed either with a fixed Ethernet cable or with an IoT mobile network. WLAN is also possible, but as a general rule we prefer a wired connection or a connection using a SIM card. The cellular network designed for IoT use is stable and reliable. The most important thing in a charging station is reliable operation!

The Woltti system's load management is the most advanced on the market. The system manages the load distribution according to the agreed parameters. Various energy sources and also battery capacity can be connected to the system. Load management can be either static or tied to the electricity consumption of the entire property (metered). With intelligent load management, you can control electricity consumption according to your needs directly from the user interface.

With the Wolttinen system, you get significant advantages in connection with solar electricity systems and you can, for example, use Solar charging. The system can be very flexibly adapted to different needs.

The system includes optimization of car charging according to your own profile. You can choose, for example, the UltraSaver profile, in which case you only charge with solar or wind electricity. Or, if you wish, you can also optimize the download based on the price. The housing association can use the invoicing system to bill charging transactions at Spot prices, in which case the partners are on an equal footing.

The system can include independent electricity measurement (Woltti Meter service), in which case you can measure e.g. the solar energy you produce with the Woltti system or, on the other hand, e.g. the load of the main meter and use all this information to optimize charging. The special feature of the Woltti Meter service is that it works independently of the charging system, but is nevertheless part of the load control or optimization via the cloud service. There can also be several load management circuits, which means that the capacity may have to be limited, for example, based on the cable and the main connection in the parking area.

It is also possible to add electricity Spot prices to the system and profile charging based on that as well. It is also possible to invoicing the housing company based on Spot pricing. For this, you need an additional service of the Woltti system (Spot pricing). In this case, it is possible to set the housing association's pricing, e.g. Spot price + a margin decided by the housing association or a fixed monthly cost (which usually covers e.g. the installation costs of chargers and infrastructure)

Our main target group is housing associations and companies, and you can save significantly with the system. Now, the unfortunate fact is that all housing associations have to think about the price of electricity in a completely different way, and car charging is one of the biggest uses of electricity in housing associations. Its use is also uniquely suited for optimization, because the charging power can be infinitely adjusted with the online service. Transferring the charging to a different time usually does not cause any kind of practical problem (cf. for example the use of electrical appliances at home), but when you charge with inexpensive night electricity, the car will still be in use in the morning.

Ask more about the service by contacting us, we will be happy to answer your questions.

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