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Housing companies and property managers

Request an offer for the whole package. We design a solution that is right for you. We almost always do the mapping free of charge!

Products for companies

An easy and affordable solution for the company. We help you choose the right solution for your company. Spot charging for company cars. Ask our expert about the solution!

Public download

We deliver the widest open OCPP solution on the market. All payment methods, easy App and tracking. Also ask about the rental model. We can consult even in demanding matters.

Charging station at home

We offer the best charging devices for home charging at an affordable price. We import our main products ourselves, that's why we can offer the best service and price!

The market's leading device manufacturers

We have set high quality standards for all our activities and this also applies to the products we represent. We work directly with the manufacturer so that we can certainly offer the best support and solve even difficult questions.

The products we use in OCPP systems are already configured Plug-And-Play at the factory. This means easy installation and reliable operation.

The charging solution is a whole

We specialize in charging systems for housing associations, companies and public facilities, and especially in load management solutions.

The number of vehicles that can be charged is constantly increasing and we offer comprehensive electric car charging solutions that work now, and also in the future! We have been operating for a long time and can also help with technically demanding projects.

Customized solutions for all building societies - Free mapping!

We specialize in housing association charging systems and especially load management solutions. From us you get effortless and affordable user-specific tracking and the market's easiest invoicing. A big advantage of the Woltti system is full OCPP compatibility, so you are not tied to one charger manufacturer or cloud service provider.

With the help of the system, it is also possible to connect solar power systems to car charging, to manage even complex load management solutions (e.g. multi-level load management) and to use Spot electricity prices in optimization and billing.

Easy solutions for the charging needs of small and large companies

Charging an electric car during the working day gives added value to both employees and customers, especially since not everyone has the opportunity to charge at home. For company drivers, you can also offer the device and easy tax-approved home charging at Spot prices.

By offering the charging option, your company also participates in the fight against climate change. Our system is built according to the industry standard (OCPP) protocol. It allows you to easily maintain download rights and the price of download per user and manage the load. In almost all destinations, load management will be necessary at least in the future when the number of electric cars increases.

You can also easily offer charging to your customers with a credit card or free of charge. Our pricing model enables spot prices and many complex models for different needs.

Versatile solutions for public charging

Public charging stations are easy to implement with the open OCPP system. From us, you can get devices with background systems suitable for basic charging (11-22kW) or fast charging (30-300kW).

Public charging stations can be used easily using the Woltti application. Thanks to our own development work and by utilizing the API, our system can be easily integrated with almost all external systems according to the customer's needs.

We can help if you want a partner for the efficient utilization of the charging system and solar or wind energy or, for example, the use of spot prices in optimization/invoicing.

We are carrying out an extensive development project for the use of electric car batteries in load balancing and optimization of the electric network. It is already possible to use V2G technology and we are ready for commercial applications when the cars support this.
Our technical experts are happy to tell you more about future technologies and their commercial utilization in the field of renewable energy forms, optimization and electronic transport.

Smart charging

The market's most versatile OCPP-compatible online service for smart charging!

With the Woltti system, you manage charging, invoicing and load in all sizes of objects.

The simplest invoicing system on the market. Multilevel dynamic load management.

In the system, it is possible to pay for downloads with a credit card or leave the billing in full for us to handle.