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Wolttine's instructions and support

On this page you will find instructions for using charging stations and the Woltti app,
Information package for the main user of the Woltti online service and technical support for all problem situations.

See the menus below for instructions.

Download instructions for the user

Instructions for using the charging stations, downloading and registering the application and ordering RFID cards.

Woltti online service - Instructions for the main user

Detailed instructions and frequently asked questions for the main user of the Woltti online service. How to create a new user? Spot price changes? Where can I find receipts?

Download to your phone

Woltti Application

Google Play or Apple App store from the application store

You can also pay and identify yourself using the Woltti app. You can find the Woltti application in the Google Play (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS) application store.

Download the application, register and save the credit card information for payment (if a specific e-mail has been notified to the operator, the same e-mail must be used for registration). The fee is charged in installments of €30, which is used for downloads. When the balance falls below €5, a new €30 payment will be charged. The payment intermediary is Stripe. The registered user can also identify himself, start and monitor the download by scanning the QR code on the station.