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Woltti online service for the user

Woltti in Finnish is a software and Apple/Android application for smart charging. With the application, you can see, for example, your own download events. If you wish, you can also change the language of the service to Swedish or English. The service guarantees versatile and flexible invoicing and payment methods, as well as identification with an application or RFID. With the service, you can, for example, manage companies' company cars. Also coming is the possibility to identify yourself using the Plug&Charge function and the Vehicle-To-Grid service when the cars support this.

The online service enables intelligent load management and the most versatile services on the market, e.g. solar charging is possible with our system.

With intelligent load management, you can control electricity consumption also based on the price.

The service enables monthly fee pricing for chargers as well, or you can buy the charger and the service as a whole for a fixed price with no monthly fee. The Woltti online service includes a separate invoicing and management view for main users, which allows you to easily make invoicing, monitor electricity consumption, add RFID cards and users, and update your charger.

The simplest invoicing system on the market. The possibility to pay for downloads with a credit card or let us take care of the entire billing.

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Billing and payment methods

Electricity invoicing options for building societies/companies.

  • Free and open download.
  • The possibility of the property manager / representative of the housing association / the financial department of the company to invoice based on the information in the user interface.
  • Charging fees are paid by credit card and accounts/reporting are handled, for example, monthly.
  • Wolttinen handles invoicing as a turnkey, total service without a property manager.
  • Wolttinen takes over the location of its own electricity connection, which means that cost management is not the responsibility of the main user either. However, we never decide on electricity pricing and we do not put our own margin on the price of electricity.
  • Invoicing is included in the enterprise resource planning system as a whole

Flexible payment methods by credit card

  • You can pay with Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Debit MasterCard and American Express cards.

Woltti online service

  • Main Menu - Charging Stations, Locations, Charging Sessions, Users, Billing and Graphics CO2.
  • Graphics - You can use graphics to monitor the electricity consumption of the housing association.
  • Users - Add users and RFID tags easily.
  • Invoicing - Make invoicing easily by housing association with the users or time of your choice. You can change the housing association's pricing based on the decision of the general meeting.

Billing options

  • A) Electricity usage information is delivered 1-4 times
    per year for the property manager/building company either as an Excel file or an easy-to-use user interface is offered for this.
  • B) The user pays for electricity in advance with a credit card
    (app), we bill the housing association for electricity consumption 1-4 times a year.

Woltti APP Application for the user

With the Woltti app, you can take care of your charging needs just like that
as you wish and monitor the number of your downloads. The Woltti application is popular
option, but naturally the charging can also be started with an RFID card.

In our concept, charging charging includes charging stations
for the owning customer and we enable functionality, as easy as possible
payment options and flexible user-specific pricing.

Solar charging and optimization based on solar electricity or price
is also possible with our service.

It is important for the building society, the company and the property manager to get
routines are handled effortlessly and the most important thing for the end user is functionality and here
we bet. Chargers must handle charging reliably when it
is needed.

Charging solutions for public places

For parking garages, parking lots and other public places

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